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 "4 per 1000" Initiative Day  

COP 23 – Bonn

Bad Godesberg, City Hall (8:30 -18:30)


8:30 – 9:00  Welcome and registration

Meeting of the Forum – 9:00- 13:30

Opening ceremony with High-level segment (9:00 – 10:00): Chair and Vice-Chair of the Initiative, Minister of Agriculture of Germany, Ministers of agriculture and/or Secretaries of State of other countries, General Director and Executive Secretary of various international organizations, representatives from civil society, etc.

Plenary meeting of the Forum (10:00-13:00)

  • Adoption of the agenda
  • Approval of the report of Forum n°1 - Marrakesh 17th November 2016
  • Annual activities report 2016 - 2017
  • Panel n° 1:Progress on the "Science – Research" component:
    • Work of the STC during 2017
    • Orientations for an international research and scientific cooperation program
    • Set of references criteria and indicators for project evaluation
  • Panel n°2: Time for Action:
    • Contribution to the NDC – Panellists : Mr Eduardo MANSUR (FAO) and Mr Christian FUSILLIER (AFD) - TBC
    • Projects making the link with farmers – Panellists : Mr Bharat KAKADE (BAIF Development Research Foundation) and Mr Jean-Christophe LAUGEE (Danone)

Speech delivered by Professor Jørgen Eivind OLESEN (Grand Témoin) from Aarhus University (Denmark) and introduction to the workshops


Workshops by colleges: 3 questions to be debated.

Synthesis of the workshops and Conclusion by the Grand Témoin, Professor OLESEN

Conclusion of the Forum by Dr. MAYAKI

13:30 – 14:30 p.m.       Lunch

Meeting of the Consortium – 14:30 -17:30

Overview of Consortium and Forum membership

Final results of the survey on Initiative partners’ research and projects related to 4 per 1000 all over the world

Approval of the Proposals by the STC of:

  • Orientation of the International research and scientific cooperation program
  • A set of reference criteria and indicators for project evaluation

Activities report of 2017

Work program and 2018 budget

  • Financial and Human resources matter related to the Initiative
  • Adoption of the Budget

Approval of the 2018 Roadmap and Upcoming Initiative meetings (Forum, Consortium and STC) particularly during COP 24 (Poland)

Discussion on the day-to-day operation of the Initiative:

  • The Executive Secretariat and its composition.
    • Official launching of the Collaborative Platform
    • Proposal of rules to follow for Initiative support of an event

Concluding remarks of the Consortium by the Chair


Closing cocktail reception – 17:30 - 18:30

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