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Welcome of the new Partners and Members of the Forum and Consortium

Activities report of 2017

Final results of the survey on Initiative partners’ research and projects related to “4 per 1000” all over the world

Propositions by the Scientific and Technical Committee - Orientations for the research program

Propositions by the Scientific and Technical Committee - Indicators for project assessment


New website and official launching of the Collaborative Platform

Proposal of rules to follow for Initiative support of an event

Work program for 2018: roadmap and budget

Report from COP 13 UNCCD Ordos (Inner Mongolia – China) by Professor Barron ORR from UNCCD

Report on the Future Policy Award 2017 – September 2017 by Mrs. Ingrid HEINDORF from the World Future Council

Report on Symposium Living soils in Montreal (Canada) 13th to 15th October 2017 by Mrs. Gabrielle BASTIEN (Regeneration Canada)

Contribution of the Initiative to the preparation of a technical manual on Soil Organic Carbon management at the regional and sub-regional scale (GSP-FAO) by Mr. Luca MONTANARELLA, Chair of ITPS

Conclusion of the Consortium by Dr. MAYAKI, Chair

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